Pino is a simple and fast X11 client for Twitter and It is compiled to native code, which assures small size and speed, and thanks to use of Vala language it can perfectly integrate into your Gnome or XFCE desktop. If you want to request a new feauture or report a bug, please contact me using Issue Tracker or Discussion section. If you want to help with translating Pino, register on Transifex, send me your nickname via email and I'll add you to the maintainers list.

Pino 3.0.0-alpha1, local OAuth proxy for Pino 2.x

January 02 2011

Webkit was removed (not from dependencies yet). Currently Pino uses pure Gtk/Cairo to view statuses. Click on image below to see, how it looks like. Who wants to help me with packaging for Ubuntu - welcome to my email.

And one more thing. If you using Pino 2.x with Supertweet's proxy, please, visit this page and read, how to use it without connecting to their servers.

Another two things

November 06 2010

Better late than never.

Now you can get older statuses by scrolling down a list. It works fine, except identica's search feed.

And I just finished conversation view (doesn't work correctly with twitter for some reason).

Conversation view

Two ideas

September 18 2010

I made some improvements (I hope so) in usability. First - dynamic context menu for statuses. Not buttons, like before. Just click right button and get a list of actions. This obvious feature not so simple to realize. I had to use JavaScript for this.

Context menu

Second idea - removing statusbar from the bottom of the window and using free space in the main menu. If you have your own vision of how it must look, you can write some comments.

Messages in menu bar

P.S. And, traditionally, sorry for my English.

First public version of Pino 0.3

September 14 2010

Hi there. Today I want to publish all sources of the third version of Pino. It's not a full release and not even an alpha version, but you can build it and try to run. Pino 0.3 is a completely new project. So, I put it on the new project hosting with it's own issue tracker. But don't send me issues before first alpha release, please :)

You can download sources from Mercurial repository:

hg clone

To build it, type something like this:

cd pino3
mkdir build
cd build
make install

And run it:


So, that's it. Thank you for your patience. And thanks to joeyb for his nice blog engine.

OAuth apocalypse

September 02 2010

Don't panic. OAuth support will be coming in 0.3 version. You can use as temporary solution. Here is a HowTo

Pino 0.2.11

July 05 2010

This is the last release before 0.3.0.

  • Small fixes
  • Improvements in the parser
  • Fresh translations

Pino 0.2.10

May 26 2010
  • Important fixes in XML parsing

Pino 0.2.9

May 15 2010
  • Migration on Cmake build system
  • Bug fixes in the conversation dialog
  • Improvements in the input widget

Pino 0.2.8

May 07 2010
  • Important bug fixes
  • Little more integration with indicator applet
  • Option for links color (no more invisible links and tags)

Pino 0.2.7

April 30 2010

See Launchpad for Ubuntu packages

  • Several bug fixes
  • New translations